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Originally from Québec, I share my life between Quebec, USA, Mexico and Guatemala. I am self-employed, working as a sound healer, yoga teacher, tour guide, wanna-be writer, fluent in French, English and Spanish. Our world is changing, our consciousness is rising and our spirits are waking up to unification. We are all one and travel-smart is just an exemple among many more. I want to be part of the change, do you?

Feliz Solsticio de invierno!

ASOANTUR - Tours & excursions around Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Discover the Mayan land!

Queremos desear a todos un feliz Solsticio de invierno desde nuestro hermoso Lago de Atitlán! Que aprovecha esta nueva temporada para salir de excursiones y disfrutar la naturaleza tan bella de nuestro  Guatemala.

Foto: Amanecer a la Nariz del Indio

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